IBM i (AS400)

Safe and reliable system

Since their origins in the early 1990s, AS/400 systems, now called IBM i, have been known as the most reliable hardware on the world market. A high percentage of our clients believe so and remain loyal to these computers that can never be attacked by any virus. And that, today is a great advantage over other technologies.

Nowadays when one of the main problems for companies are computer attacks, the IBM Iseries is still the most secure system.

Its DB2 / 400 database architecture makes this system the most versatile. It allows interconnection with all the other systems on the market.

At STUNDAGLAS we work directly with you to understand your needs and design a suitable solution. We focus on the problem and help you analyse the software development process smoothly. We use the latest technologies and best practices, providing solutions to real problems.

Our services

More than 30 years working in IBM AS / 400 environments and developing software as RPG in all its versions.

For our team, the satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing. Stundaglas offers the experience and broad knowledge of the system, the proximity to the problems of its clients, solutions to the needs of your company in the area of Management and communications, and the interconnection with the rest of IT systems both globally and as a specific study. of a work area.

  • We are specialized in AS/400 environments, its RPG COBOL programming languages and its DB2 database
  • Provision of integration services on legacy technologies
  • Project management with specialization in complex environments that integrate legacy applications and new technologies
  • Our team is formed by Project Managers, Analysts / Programmers (RPG and COBOL), Programmers, System Technicians (AS400) and Databases (DB2) and Process Engineers
  • Our experience includes both standard and custom applications for different sectors of activity: Textile, Distribution, Production, Transport, Storage, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.
  • We have a set of tools to exploit AS/400 data both from DB/400 and from Spool's.
  • Computer Security, support and technical solvency in terms of computer security, allowing your company to recover data and your information in the event of their loss (physical accidents, computer failure, viruses, file deletions).
  • SAVSYS: Save systems. Establishment and maintenance of the most appropriate security processes to protect your IBM iSeries (AS / 400) computer system, allowing the rapid re-implantation of any utility or system restore.
  • BACK UP: Backups. Establishment and maintenance of a Plan of Backups (BACK UP) for you, in the IBM Series AS400 environment) and / or Microsoft Windows.

Generate Excel documents in a simple way from any spool or file on your system

Our Stundaglas API allows the use of Excel documents to process the information automatically and much of the data used may be contained in the AS / 400. The type of information required by company executives is required in spreadsheets.

Our API allows from any Iseries database to send that information in excel format.

It also allows automatic email messages to be generated from Iseries, attaching spool listings or files from our system.


  • Ocaso Seguros
  • Scania vehículos
  • Laboratorios Alcalá Farma
  • Lloyds Bank - Personal Banking
  • Conductos y Derivados (Condesa)
  • DB Schenker Spain
  • Pikolin
  • Osborne: bodegas

Success stories

  • Scania - Presence and access control
  • Various - SII AEAT Integration
  • Various - EDI Interfaces
  • Various - XML Interfaces

We want to be your partner for IBM i services (AS400)

Our team is prepared to adapt to the technical requirements of your project, offering you the best solutions to achieve your objectives.

IBM i: A platform created by innovators, for innovators

The latest IBM i update has arrived. With IBM i 7.4, you get continuous availability (thanks to IBM Db2 Mirror for i), the latest security features, and easy integration with IoT, artificial intelligence, and Watson.


  • IBM Db2 mirroring provides continuous availability
  • Virtually zero downtime
  • Do the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


  • Enhanced security features implement the latest industry standard practices
  • Protect business-critical data and applications
  • New object level auditing functionality

Open Source

  • Industry standard open source environments
  • Move more applications to IBM i
  • Easily integrates with IoT, IA and Watson

IBM Db2 Mirror for i

IBM Db2 Mirror for i Db2 Mirror for i habilita la disponibilidad continua de aplicaciones independientemente de la naturaleza de la parada del centro de datos, lo que genera un tiempo de inactividad prácticamente nulo.

La capacidad de IBM i

Every day, IT professionals around the world use IBM Power Systems to drive innovation, and many of them are running IBM i.

Get the most out of system resources

Understand, manage, or resolve functionality, availability, and backup strategy issues for IBM i systems to optimize performance.