Presence control

The presence control is the system that calculates the hours of presence of workers; Hours of work, entry and exit, absences and incidents.

Traditional presence management and control systems based on biometric, RFID and proximity card marking devices have allowed for a long time to optimize access controls by helping to manage and optimize time management. In order to carry out this management it is necessary to use and install marking terminals and software to manage them.

The technology currently available makes it possible to take a step forward and, if the company considers it, it can be done without hardware and software, only by activating a web service that enables the marking of employees (or users) through any device with connection to Internet, (laptop, Tablet, mobile ..) With the consequent cost savings and production improvement that this entails (purchase of equipment for clock in/out, purchase of software, maintenance and, usually, at least a person of the organization must manage the system).

In addition, this service allows outsourcing the management and maintenance of Presence Control, employee configuration, calendars, working hours, maintenance of markings, tracking of incidents, holidays, etc ... in this way the person who must manage the system can "release" this work and be concentrate in other works more productive.

Advantages of the new web presence control

The benefit for the employee and the company is mutual, since it streamlines the time control and management of work team. Presence time management helps accelerate decision making that helps improve productivity.

Why is presence control useful for the company?

- The management of the working days and working hours is simplified

- Allows to control absenteeism

- Complies with the new legislation on Presence Control of the company

- Provides greater control of employee leaving during working hours

- Better monitoring of time compliance (delays)

- Improves holidays and holiday planning

- Helps to implement flexible schedules

- Interact with your employees online

Why is presence control useful for employees?

- Allows them to know their hours worked

- Helps to account for hours efficiently for people who work from home

- It allows to inform and better manage the days of free disposal, holidays and absences