Monday, 20 November 2017 07:42

Absenteeism reaches the highest level in recent years

The trend indicates that absenteeism continues to grow

Labor absenteeism caused by sick leave and other reasons has risen around 50% since the minimum levels recorded during the crisis and has reached the highest peak since 2009 (Source El Periódico

The issue is worrying in the human resources departments and the CEOE Patronal. If people do not feel comfortable at work, the number of casualties increases due to psychological reasons related to the working environment but not due to illness. Therefore, communication between managers and employees must be improved to give the opportunity to help people make better decisions about their work.

Insurance companies have a direct impact on their finances, causing them to currently go through the worst situation since they assumed the management of temporary disability due to common illness.

The presence management systems help improve communication between managers and employees as it provides accurate and concrete information, facilitating the task of human resources departments.